The new standard has arrived It's time to come clean
  • It's time to come clean.

    We have been up to something, and it's time to come clean...really clean.

    Specifically created, researched and tested for Australian conditions, we have developed the latest Australian breakthrough innovation - Caroma Cleanflush®, our most effective and hygienic toilet.

  • A cleaner clean

    Caroma Cleanflush® is our most effective and hygienic toilet. By removing the rim of the bowl, there is now nowhere for germs to hide. And by adding Caroma's flush and flow features we've created a superior flushing performance that delivers a cleaner clean.

  • Flush & flow technology

    Cleanflush's patent pending, breakthrough flush solution includes the following technology:

    The result is the ultimate flush and washdown performance, creating a more hygienic, optimum bowl clean.

  • Applications

    We've created a range of products that comply with Accessibility Standards. Our extensive Care Collection provides complete compliant and care accessible solutions. The Caroma Care 800 Cleanflush range is ideal where the highest level of hygiene and rapid cleaning are required.

    Caroma Cleanflush® Liano range offers timeless elegance and a complete bathroom collection. Stringently tested above industry standards the Liano range delivers optimum performance and lifespan in residential and commercial bathrooms

    • Accessible
    • Medium Density
    • Ambulant
    • Office
    • Aged Care
    • Hotels
    • Hospital
    • School
    • High rise
    • University
  • Quality Commitment

    We have specifically created, researched and tested for Australian conditions. 100% compliant, Caroma tests its new product developments above and beyond Australian standard requirements. As Australia’s most trusted bathroom brand we also offer added benefits including innovative outlet connectors. Along with a comprehensive GWA Product Warranty and Australia-wide after sales service.


Caroma Cleanflush® - reaching the new standard

The journey of Cleanflush®.

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The journey of Cleanflush.