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Our Collaboration with UNSW.

Caroma has partnered with University of New South Wales (UNSW) Built Environment department to better understand the needs, expectations and desires of Australians towards bathrooms to support them as they age.

Insights and information gained from our research is integrated by our Research and Design team to support innovative product development processes.

By better understanding user preferences and task performance of older people through methods such as motion capture (during UNSW research), Caroma has been able to develop superior independent living products, improving the confidence and mobility of our consumers in the bathroom space.

Developed in collaboration between Caroma and UNSW, the Ageing Joyfully White Paper explores the design of bathroom products and spaces that are safer, more inclusive and contribute to the overall wellbeing of all Australians.
UNSW Research Placeholder Shots

Caroma Care Range

The Caroma LiveWell range combines function with contemporary luxury through a range of carefully- considered, cohesive ranges which look beautiful in the bathroom, while delivering design with purpose for people of different needs.

Caroma LiveWell’s selection of stylish and contemporary products incorporate Caroma’s latest innovations to cover every aspect of bathroom functionality; from grab rails, specialised tapware and rail showers to raised height toilets, nurse call armrests and supportive backrests.

The entire care portfolio can be retrofitted enabling easy upgrades to existing bathrooms in aged care and home care applications.

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