Caroma Introduces its first Thermostatic Mixing Valve


Press Release
May 2015

Caroma’s Introduces its First Thermostatic Mixing Valve

With a reputation for engineering excellence and continued investment in Australian design and innovation, Caroma extends its extensive product portfolio with the introduction of its first high performance Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV20).  Caroma’s TMV20 sets the benchmark for functionality, reliability and safety as part of Caroma’s continued commitment to innovation. Designed to comply with AS4032.1, the TMV20 prevents scalding in healthcare and commercial applications by regulating the flow of hot and cold water.

Caroma’s TMV20 can service multiple outlets simultaneously, safely supplying 42L/min of mixed water to plus or minus 2?Celcius within a range of inlet pressures and temperatures. It offers protection against scalding by providing a rapid shut-down of mixed water flow from the outlet. It is ideal for hospitals, aged care and childcare centres where safety and water temperature control is paramount.

For ease of maintenance, Caroma offers the capability to replace the Thermostatic Cartridge as a complete, integrated unit. This unique cartridge design allows for quick and simple onsite servicing which will minimise disruption to the facility and save time.

Dr. Steve Cummings, Research and Development Manager at Caroma said “The new Caroma Thermostatic Mixing Valve offers the ideal solution for healthcare and commercial applications. The development of our first Caroma TMV resulted from rigorous testing and in-depth research and development collaboration.  The TMV20 is designed to suit Australian conditions and requirements featuring a unique removable cartridge system for ease of service”.

The valve also features an anti-scaling coating which is applied to all brass components within the cartridge for durability in hard water (high mineral content areas). The core range provides greater installation options with four boxed configurations which compromise of Standard Bottom Inlet, Standard Top Inlet, Standard Bottom Inlet with Bypass and Standard Top Inlet with Bypass which allows maximum flexibility and speed during installation. Supported by a comprehensive spare parts offer, Caroma TMV20 ensures quick and easy maintenance providing a total solutions package.

A complete stainless steel housing unit is available with either a removable lockable hinged door or removable lockable cover panel, suitable for either a concealed or exposed wall mounting.


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