We are very please to have released a series of ArchiCAD libraries. These files represent our most popular products and we will be continually adding to this collection.
To read more about of ArchiCAD file specifications click here.
Our ArchiCAD file specifications are as follows:
  • Created according to Graphisoft’s GDL technical standards.
  • Only advanced GDL scripting methods used.
  • Scripting left open for personalisation.
  • Precise geometry of crucial elements only with resolution function to control polygon count.
  • 2D aspect created independent of 3D model; no projection functions used.
  • Full control over 2D & 3D appearance settings with typical ArchiCAD defaults.
  • Built in, two part, annotation function with independent scale sensitivity.
  • Polished user interface for ease of product location and configuration.
  • Expected specification data.
  • URL links to individual product; not just the home page.
  • All products of the same type in a single object to simplify library management and aid in product selection.
  • Extraction method provided for users who wish to pull a single product out to a new object.