Specifying can be complex. We provide complete bathroom packages with a range of product designs and budgets that guide you on your specific project needs. You’ll gain an idea of what works best with what, as well as compliance and technical requirements. Offering a total solution from trusted brands, our packages will streamline your decision-making and ensure correct compliance, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind with your specification.

Cube CleanFlush® Urinal

Revolutionary rimless technology for a cleaner clean

As the leader in urinals, we relentlessly pursue products that can withstand rigorous use, matched with water sustainability.

Building on our market leading Cube Collection, this new urinal features rimless Caroma CleanFlush® that maintains a cleaner bowl with less maintenance, combined with Caroma GermGard to prevent the spread of germs.


Features & Benefits

  • Australian Designed & Engineered for local conditions, with decades of urinal development experience
  • Featuring patented Caroma CleanFlush® rimless technology for superior hygiene
  • 20 year commercial warranty for peace of mind
  • Integrated Caroma GermGard® antimicrobial protection to help prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria
  • Four unique colour spreader caps including matte black, brushed nickel, brushed brass and gunmetal
  • Extremely efficient WELS 6 Star rating without impacting performance
  • Compatible with CAMFIS Modular Frame System
  • Can be retrofitted to replace existing Cube Urinals
  • Flexible flushing options including electronic flush valves and Invisi II Cistern
  • Compatible with Smart Command by Caroma to enable real time water use monitoring
  • Anti vandal design, ideal for commercial and public spaces

  • Cube Cleanflush


Urbane II Cleanflush™ Compact Toilet Suite

Ideal for smaller bathrooms, this Urbane II toilet suite with Invisi II concealed cistern offers a contemporary low-profile design that seamlessly blends with the Urbane II collection. Engineered with Caroma CleanFlush® technology, our patented rimless design is water efficient and easy to clean. With added Caroma GermGard® antimicrobial protection for optimal hygiene and optional coloured seat hinge caps, you can find the right aesthetic match for your bathroom.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Short, 460mm pan projection ideal for smaller bathrooms
  • Invisi Series II® concealed cistern provides optimal aesthetics, ease of cleaning and space utilisation
  • Caroma Adjustable Flushpipe for ease of installation
  • Easy to clean and water efficient with Caroma CleanFlush® rimless technology
  • Caroma GermGard® antimicrobial protection
  • Soft–close quick release seat with optional coloured hinges to match coloured tapware
  • Includes rough–in and fit–out kits
  • WELS 4 Star Rated, 4.5L/3L (3.5L average flush)
  • 20 Year cover for replacement product or parts only.
  • 1 year cover for labour for replacement product or parts only.

  • Urbane II


Hob Mixer

Introducing our Liano II & Urbane II Hob Mixer Sets. Designed to sit on the benchtop or vanity unit these sleek and timeless Mixer sets provide a streamlined design solution without the need for in-wall plumbing. The flexible hose connection between the Hob Mixer and the Hob Outlet allows for a range of installation configurations depending on the space, basin type and the application.

Available in 5 durable, on-trend finishes and 2 different outlet heights to complement a range of basins as well as kitchen/laundry sinks, enabling a consistent design aesthetic throughout the building

Key Features & Benefits

  • Assembled with WELS 6S, 4.5L/min aerator. Also includes optional WELS 5S, 6L/min aerator
  • Available in Chrome, Matte Black, PVD Brushed Nickel, PVD Brushed Brass, PVD Gunmetal
  • Supplied as “Sets” for a complete unit or individual components to allow for the switching of outlet and mixer styles
  • Swivel outlet with concealed adjustment
  • 70° or 140° outlet rotation
  • 360° outlet connection for increased installation flexibility.
  • 100% leak tested
  • 20-year warranty
  • Supplied with 3x 500mm flexible hoses for ease of installation
  • 25mm ceramic disc cartridge eliminates drips and minimises maintenance
  • Complete the look with the Liano II/Urbane II Bathroom Collection

The flexible hose connection between the Hob Mixer and the Hob Outlet allows for a range of installation configurations.

Products are saleable as ‘Sets’ as well as individual components. Separating Swivel outlets and mixer trim kits provides another level of customisation allowing switching of Urbane II and Liano II styles.

  • Urbane II
  • Liano II


Lead Free Tapware

The NCC 2022 Volume Three, Clause A5G4(2) specifies that from 1 May 2026, lead free tapware will become mandatory at point of installation in Australia. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has advised that Products which contain copper alloys and are intended for use in contact with drinking water will be required to have a weighted average lead content of not more than 0.25 percent. This includes tapware, tap spare parts and accessories, plumbing fittings, meters and valves.

“From 1 May 2026, only product WaterMark certified as conforming to the Lead Free requirements of NCC Volume Three, where required, will be authorised for use in plumbing installations. Products that do not conform to the Lead Free requirements will no longer have valid certification and will not be authorised for use in contact with drinking water.” ABCB 2023

The ABCB has provided the industry 3 years to complete the transition due to the extensive work involved for manufactures and suppliers. To support the transition, four of our top selling tapware ranges have commenced the transition already and meet lead free requirement. These products still feature the superb performance and build quality that you expect from Caroma, constructed with lead free brass. Non-Lead free versions of these collections are still available however the run out has commenced. So, to ensure continuity of supply we recommend nominating “Lead Free” when calling up these products in the specification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the standard for tapware changing?

The Australian Building Codes Board have reviewed studies in Australia and overseas that demonstrate the long term health benefits of using lead free plumbing products. Some European countries and North America have already made this transition.

Where can I find more information on this change?

Please visit Australian Building Codes Board | ABCB for more information. An advice guide from the ABCB is available here.

What ranges of tapware will be impacted by this change?

Under the 2022 National Construction Code, this new standard will impact any plumbing product that contains copper alloy and is in contact with drinking water.

What tapware ranges is Caroma changing to lead free?

We are converting all our tapware collections over to Lead Free Brass progressively as their stock levels run down. We have commenced this transition with 4 of our most popular collections. These 4 collections are fully available in a Lead Free options.

  • Caroma Liano II
  • Caroma Urbane II
  • Caroma Opal
  • Caroma Care Plus

These new, lead free products are now available for specification and ordering from merchant partners. Please contact your preferred merchant partner to see if they stock Caroma lead free tapware.

The next transition of Collections from February 2024 include:

  • Caroma Luna
  • Caroma Elegance
  • Caroma G Series+
  • Caroma Pin
  • Clark tapware

This will be closely followed by the remaining tapware collections.

Please note that all existing tapware available in these ranges, continues to meet current Australian standards and can continue to be specified and installed.

How can I identify lead free tapware?

Lead Free compliant tapware will be issued with a new Watermark Logo that will be printed on product packaged and laser etched onto the surface of the product for easy identification. The Logo consists of the traditional WaterMark “W” along with the term “LEAD FREE” underneath.

Caroma lead free tapware, includes a product code that ends with the letter “F”, denoting their lead free status. Product names and descriptions will also feature “LF”. Details of this will be displayed on packaging (featuring an LL sticker) and on digital platforms, advising that the product has been engineered and constructed with lead free brass.

When will all Caroma tapware meet this Lead Free criteria?

All impacted Caroma products that come into contact with drinking water will be certified Lead Free by 1 May 2026, however, we will continue to evolve all our tapware collections ahead of this deadline. Be sure to bookmark Specify for our latest products and lead free tapware ranges.

  • Urbane II
  • Liano II
  • Opal
  • Care Plus


Sensor Tapware

Introducing our Liano II and Urbane II Bathroom Sensor Tapware range – the perfect solution for the commercial bathroom. Designed to offer convenience and hygiene with advanced sensor technology that allows users to operate hands-free.

The bathroom sensor taps and soap dispensers are available in 5 colour options to complement the Liano II and Urbane II collections, and with both with hob and wall-mounted configurations to suit a variety of bathroom layouts.

These Australian designed & engineered products feature high durability, reliability and sustainability and with their sleek and modern design add a touch of style to commercial bathrooms.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Australian designed and engineered
  • Touchless activation to maintain high hygiene standards & eliminate water wastage
  • Matching tap and soap dispensers in hob and wall mounted configurations
  • 2 distinct styles in 5 colour options
  • Available in Chrome, Matte Black, PVD Brushed Nickel, PVD Brushed Brass, PVD Gunmetal
  • Sensor taps have WELS 6Star, 4.5L/min rating
  • Soap dispenser supplied with re-fillable 1000ml bottle for liquid or foam soap
  • Hob mounted risers available to adjust height for a broader range of applications
  • Wall mounted taps available in 2 spout lengths
  • Power with mains and/or battery

  • Urbane II
  • Liano II


Aged Care

For older Australians or those with restricted movement, a bathroom's ease of use, safety, accessibility and comfort are paramount. The following solutions take these factors into consideration, yet still deliver a stylish functional bathroom.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze


Hospital and Healthcare

In a busy hospital or healthcare centre, bathrooms must be high performance and technologically advanced. The products used must be durable, hygienic, comfortable and easy to clean and service. Where possible, they should also maintain a sense of residential domesticity, for added patient comfort.The following selections deliver all of the above without compromising on style and design.

  • Ensuite
  • Staff Clinical
  • Non Clinical Scrub
  • Surgical Scrub
  • Public Areas
  • Staff Rooms


High Rise Residential

Are you specifying for bathrooms in high rise residential? Perhaps you're focused on small inner city apartments? Or a luxury, one-off residence? Whatever your project's size or budget, we have a total bathroom solution to deliver the look, feel and performance you're after.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze


Medium Density Residential

Are you specifying for bathrooms on a medium density development? Whatever your project's size or budget, we have a total bathroom solution to deliver the look, feel and performance you're after.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze



Hotel bathrooms have a tendency to be the most memorable element of someone's stay. No matter what your budget, it's worth getting them right. You might be specifying for a series of deluxe ensuites with a luxurious, resort style. Or your bathrooms may need to deliver a great deal in a compact space, or with a tight budget. Whatever the project, we have bathroom packages with the ideal look and performance to match.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze



Office bathrooms should combine elements of contemporary style whilst remaining functional. Durability, comfort and privacy should be at the forefront when specifying office bathrooms however they should also be low maintenance and use minimal amounts of water. The following bathroom packages have been designed with these features in mind.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • All



Sustainability solutions

  • All



School & University bathrooms need to be durable, simple to use, contemporary and most importantly easy to maintain. The following options combine all of the above to offer a complete bathroom solution.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze


Contura Collection

Organic forms & textures, simple luxury.

Embrace natural luxury with the Caroma Contura Collection - sculptural design with an organic simplicity that brings a sense of subtle indulgence for your bathroom. These natural forms are brought to life through new matte white and matte clay ceramic and brushed bronze metal finishes for a cohesive collection.

PVD Finish

Superior PVD finishes provide excellent durability and enables complete personalisation, with curated colour and finish mix-n-match opportunities.


Find the perfect colour match for your bathroom, with metallic colour finishes across tapware, showers and accessories including PVD brushed brass, brushed nickel and brushed bronze, as well as electroplated black and chrome. Bring a new dimension to your toilets and basins, with traditional gloss and contemporary matte white and matte clay colour options.

High Quality Ceramic

The full Contura Collection features carefully chosen materials to keep up with the rhthym of daily life in the bathroom. Enjoy the benefits of durable Caroma ceramic across basins and toilets, easy to clean acrylic finishes for baths and high quality brass fixtures for showers and tapware.


A luxury shower experience that puts you in control. Use the slider to seamlessly transition from an invigorating shower spray through to a gentle mist, and everything in between.

  • Accessories
  • BasinAccessories
  • Basins
  • BathAccessories
  • Baths
  • MixerTaps
  • Outlets
  • Showers
  • ToiletCisterns
  • ToiletPans
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