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Caroma TMV 20

Caroma's Thermostatic Mixing Valve is suitable for hospitals, aged care and child care centres where safety and water temperature control are paramount.

Care 600 Wall Basin

See the features and benefits of the Care 600 Wall Basin. Ideal for hospital and aged care applications.

Murphy Plumbing - John Hunter Hospital

Andrew Murphy from Murphy Plumbing talks us through his latest project at the John Hunter Hospital.

Dorf Progressive Mixer Technology

Progressive cartridge technology, allowing accurate temperature and flow control in one simple rotation of the low profile handle. This efficient energy saving technology ensures hot water wastage is reduced and the beautifully refined design allows for easier elegant operation

Dorf Jovian Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower

This unique patented floor fixing system suits various floor installation types. Exclusive to the Dorf Jovian freestanding bath mixer.

Dorf Tapware Engine

Designed for life long functionality and optimum performance, the Dorf tapware engine has been tested to a minimum of 50,000 cycles.

Dorf Aquasoft Shower Technology

Featured in the new Dorf Bliss shower range, Aquasoft technology creates a shower experience like no other.

Dorf Epic Range

Dorf Epic is 100% designed and engineered in Australia specifically to suit the Australian lifestyle and environment, every aspect of the Epic range has been carefully considered.

Meet Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy is the Face of Caroma 2016 winner. Meet Andrew and the team and see why Murphy Plumbing is such a success.

Caroma Cleanflush Journey

Experience the two year research and development journey to deliver the ultimate combination of flow, force and precision alignment.


Hygienic rimless bowl means no hidden nasties and makes cleaning quick and easy.


We have specifically created, researched and tested for Australian conditions. 100% compliant, Caroma tests above and beyond Australian standards.


The result of Cleanflush's patent pending, breakthrough flush solution is ultimate flush and washfdown performance, for a more hygienic, optimum bowl clean.

Caroma Cleanflush Range

Balancing high performance with style, you will find Caroma Cleanflush in a number of our most popular collections.

Clark Astron Laundry Range

How do you use your laundry? The Clark Astron laundry tub range is great for the busy family.

Caroma Contura Collection - Design Video

The Caroma design team are proud to introduce the Caroma Contura Bathroom Collection. We sat down with the designers to discuss their inspiration for the collection.

Our Customer Focus

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. In this video, we meet some of the team members dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the best service possible.

Our Quality Commitment

Caroma designs all products in Australia to suit local conditions. In this video, Roy from our in-house testing laboratory talks you through some of the tests we use to ensure we meet or Australian standards.

Our Design Minds

Did you know that Caroma designs its products in Australia? In this video, our Sydney based design team talk about the benefit of designing locally.

Our Big Ideas

Did you know that Caroma were the first to commercialise the two button dual flush system, saving billions of litres of water worldwide? Our team share why we develop products in-house and how we innovate new technology.

Bathroom Renovation Timelapse

Gary Seinor, The face of Caroma 2015 takes us through a full bathroom renovation in a matter of minutes. See the space transform from an outdated bathroom to a modern masterpiece.

Ian Moore Bathroom Designer Series

We got to speak with Ian Moore about his overall design principle and inspiration for his bathroom collection.

Caroma Puro Toilet - Introduction

Sophisticated design and technical ingenuity make the Caroma Puro toilet a simple solution to update any bathroom. Achieving simple elegance in the bathroom has never been easier.

Caroma Puro Toilet - Installation

Sophisticated design and technical ingenuity make the Caroma Puro toilet a simple solution to update any bathroom. Explore for yourself how easy it is to install.

Caroma Care Basin Range

The Caroma Care range of basins has been specifically designed to provide an integrated solution for Hospital and healthcare requirements.

Uni-Orbital Connector

Uni-Orbital Connector is the ultimate flexibility in Wall Faced Suite set-outs, able to extend up to a radius of 50mm, allowing for greater installation flexibility by rotating the upper and lower bodies.

Invisi Series II Delivering Superior Performance

Caroma Invisi Series ll has been completely redesigned. Find out how the new design delivers superior, more reliable performance.


The Invisi Series ll Cistern has been redesigned from the ground up, to be more versatile and compact. See how easy it is to install the Invisi Series II Cistern.

Invisi Series II Maintenance

Caroma Invisi Series ll maintenance is as simple as that for a conventional toilet. See how all components can be accessed through the button plate.

Profile Toilet Suite with Hand Basin Introduction

Caroma is taking water saving innovation to a new level. Introducing the Profile Toilet Suite with Integrated Hand Basin, the first cistern of its kind.

Caroma Care

Caroma has commenced a new range of innovative care products that not only comply to the relative Australian standards, but offer a stylish solution.

Patented Orbital Connector

Just what the plumber ordered! The latest innovation for installation flexibility. Caroma Orbital Connector provides an adjustment of up to 50mm to your toilet installation.

Care Armrest Suites

The range of Caroma Care Armrest Suites has been specifically designed for care facilities as well as in-home living for seniors or the less mobile.

Flex Pan Installation

A step-by-step guide. See how to install the versatile Flex Pan for retrofit applications.

Cube H2Zero Waterless Urinal - Operation

The ultimate in water saving technology, Caroma introduces the H2Zero Cube urinal with water-free operation. See how this urinal operates.

Cube H2Zero Waterless Urinal - Maintenance

Unlike conventional waterless urinals, the Cube H2Zero is simple and easy to maintain. This video showcases easy ways to maintain the urinal.

Cube 0.8L 6 Star Rated Urinal - Operation

The Cube 0.8L Electronic Activation Urinal is Australia's only WELS 6 star rated urinal. See what sets it apart from others.

Cube 0.8L 6 Star Rated Urinal - Installation

The Caroma Cube 0.8L urinal suite is easy to install. See how to install Australia's lowest flushing urinal in this step-by-step video.

Face of Caroma Plumbing 2015

Meet our Face of Caroma Plumbing 2015! Gary from Seinors Plumbing gives us an exclusive glimpse into his successful business and takes us through his experiences.

The Breakthrough Flow Shower

The revolutionary Caroma Flow shower is a new approach to water efficient technology, without hindering the comfortable showering experience.

Caroma Cleanflush - Liano Junior

Our squad have tested and approved the latest product to the Junior range - Caroma Liano Junior.

Better Solutions for Better Living

Dr Andrew Rochford sheds light on the benefits of choosing Caroma products for your next project.