Caroma has been voted in the top 10 for Australia's most trusted brands

Caroma has been voted in the top 10 for Australia's most trusted brands

Iconic Australian brand, Caroma, has been named as the country’s most trusted bathroom and laundry brand in the Architecture & Design Trusted Brands Survey - 2016.

Voters also placed Caroma as the fourth most trusted brand in the country, a reflection of the quality commitment promised and delivered by Caroma.

Over 13,400 industry professionals and consumers took part in the survey, which attracted nominations for 341 brands across 25 categories. Brands selected as the most trusted were done so on the basis of their service, products, reliability, eco-friendliness and being Australian made.

In their 75 years, Caroma have constantly evolved to remain at the forefront of industry design and innovation, setting trends and winning a range of national and international accolades - including the Good Design of the Year Award in 2016 for the Caroma Cleanflush® - rimless toilet.

Caroma has helped influence the Australian bathroom and laundry market and has been an active participant in developing industry standards whilst ensuring their products match Australians’ expectations and their signature way of life. All Caroma products meet the highest benchmarks of engineering, exceeding Australian standards for quality testing procedures before they enter the market.

Caroma boasts a comprehensive 10-year warranty across its range of toilet suites, basins, baths and tapware for both residential and commercial applications, further demonstrating the brand’s commitment to quality.


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About Caroma

Established in 1941, Caroma is Australia’s leading bathroom brand. In its 75 years, almost every Australian has turned on, sat on, bathed in or flushed a Caroma product.

It was founded by Charles Rothauser, a brilliant man with a pioneering spirit invented the world’s first all-plastic, one-piece moulded cistern. Designed to combat Adelaide’s corrosive water.

Caroma has seen plenty of change but what hasn’t changed is its commitment to convey a truly Australian style – fresh, unencumbered by tradition, inspired by tomorrow and world-class.

The local team of talented designers understands Caroma customer’s better than anyone and is at the forefront of local and international shifts in design to ensure that the products Caroma brings to market match Australians’ expectations.