Caroma Smart Command Invisi II Flush Panel

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Caroma Smart Command Invisi II Flush Panel

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This Smart Invisi flush panel utilises infra-red sensing to detect users as they enter whilst also enabling touchless flush activations. Removing physical touchpoints for a more hygienic bathroom experience. Remote automatic flush activations can be programmed at initial configuration or later via the Caroma Smart Command mobile application. This keeps water moving within buildings and helps combat the negative effects that stagnate water can create. Keep track and monitor key insights throughout your building’s toilet usage such as Half vs Full Flush ratio’s or how many times Urinals have been used as compared to Toilets. Identify areas of improvement and introduce measures to drive sustainable outcomes such as targeted behavioural programs or perhaps physical changes like additional privacy for urinal users and monitor your successes on the Cloud.

  • Responsive infrared sensing electronic flush panel, designed for commercial applications
  • Electronic flush panel integrated into existing pneumatic cistern with a simple modification (parts included)
  • Bluetooth enabled for direct access from a smart device and also communication to Gateway*
  • Electronics and face plate to upgrade a standard invisi cistern, all parts supplied
  • Complete with Invisi cistern electronic parts and power supply
  • Fitted with a BlueTooth sensor which allows the user to configure the operating parameters, view fixture status and review usage data through a BMS system or mobile application
  • Smart device application enables faster commissioning and maintenance
  • Integrated battery backup system in case of power outages
  • BlueTooth capability enables data to be sent to either a cloud database or BMS (Building Management System) where users can utilise service offers including usage, water data and micro services such as service alerts at a fixture, bathroom or building level
  • Fully concealed fixing
  • Provides complete service access to the invisi cistern
  • Deemed to comply with the requirements of AS1428.1 2009 for flush controls.


Product Type Buttons
COLOUR Gunmetal


238000GM Smart Command Invisi II Panel - Brushed Gun Metal $1,679.98*
238010B Smart Command Invisi II Panel - Black $1,649.44*
238000BB Smart Command Invisi II Panel - Brushed Brass $1,679.98*
238010W Smart Command Invisi II Panel - White $1,649.99*
238000C Smart Command Invisi II Panel - Chrome $1,527.26*
238000BN2 Smart Command Invisi II Panel - Brushed Nickle $1,679.98*