Caroma Smart Command Intelligent Shower – Eco

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Caroma Smart Command Intelligent Shower – Eco

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This intelligent shower interface provides a low touch premium showering experience to users. Precisely set and display your temperature and select your showering preference for a perfect, thermostatic delivery of water to the shower head. The interface will also display the time elapsed as well as the amount of water used, keeping water mindfulness front of mind, but not at the expense of user experience. This shower interface enables the control of two shower heads plus an additional port to enable the recapture of unused water whilst the shower heats up to the desired temperature of the user. Simply press the recapture icon on the interface and make use of every drop of water.

  • Precise control of two shower head fixtures (overhead shower and hand shower) with the ability to divert water flow.
  • Save every drop of water with the recapture feature. Which recaptures water whilst desired water temperature is being reached.
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Caroma Smart Command Gateways.
  • Enhance user experience without compromising your ability to control and monitor your buildings water performance.
  • Control and monitor individual shower’s duration and temperature remotely in a non intrusive manner while giving the user the precise control of the experience.
  • Review data on individual showers temperature, water usage, time and duration.
  • Understand water usage patterns.
  • Compatible with Caroma Smart Command app & Smart Command Cloud. Connection to this service is provided exclusively by Caroma Smart Command.
  • Comprised of Smart Command Thermostatic Mixer Assembly (510213), Rough In Kit (98465W) and Control Panel (98464B).
  • Deemed to comply with the requirements of AS1428.1 2009 for accessible shower control.


Product Type Bath/Shower


510203 Caroma Smart Command Intelligent Shower – Eco $4,655.71*